Moissanite Gemstones and their Advantages

Diamond has always taken the forefront in the world of engagements and weddings. However, there is a new kid on the block. Of course, not an actual child, but something you least expect, or even know – Moissanite. More people are switching from the classic diamond rings to moissanite rings, as the latter provides a cheaper but quality option for individuals from all walks of life. Besides, why should you empty your account to get a diamond ring when you can easily shop for a moissanite ring less the price? And guess what? Your jewellery will serve you a lifetime and beyond.

Why Moissanite?

Moissanite exists in its raw state as silicon carbide. The discovery of this naturally occurring compound happened in 1893, in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. Due to its rarity, scientists grow it in the lab to meet the ever-growing market demand. Moissanites bear similarities to diamonds; but, bear in mind that they are not replicas or counterfeits. What makes these gemstones the centre of attraction is their intense radiance and brilliance.

You can get a moissanite gemstone according to your desired size and shape, including round, Asscher, princess, oval, emerald, cushion, heart, pear, marquise, and radiant. You can get the same diamond size and cut with a moissanite gemstone without emptying your wallet. Another point worth noting is that moissanite has a sturdy feature, making it durable. On a Mohs hardness scale, the mineral score 9.5, next to diamond (10).

How Much Does It Cost to a Moissanite Gemstone?

The cost of a moissanite stone cost a fraction of a diamond with the same carat weight. While a one-carat diamond may go for $5,000, one-carat moissanite of the same value can cost $650. Additionally, a 3ct oval diamond that costs $30,000 may only require you to pay $1,500 for a round-cut moissanite stone of the same carat weight. Consequently, couples on a tight budget can get a moissanite engagement ring and still have more money to carry out a fantastic wedding plan.

There are several colours of moissanite gemstones to choose from, including green, yellow, and grey. One of the most brilliant moissanite jewels you can purchase in the market is the Forever Brilliant moissanite. It produces a brilliance of 10% and disperses more light more than a diamond. With a starting price of $169, you can purchase a cheap moissanite engagement ring of your choice, increasing based on additional specifications. When looking for a diamond-like moissanite stone, the Forever Brilliant option is your go-to jewellery.

Purchasing Quality Moissanite Based on Colour Grades

The quality of moissanite crystals varies in colour and clarity. Those between the D to F colour grade are colourless, while those from G to I are slightly colourless. Finally, J to K color-coded moissanite stones have yellow tints. The benefits you can get from purchasing moissanite is endless, ranging from sturdiness and durability to radiance and brilliance. Besides, it is an ideal option for individuals who favour quality but have tight budgets to meet their desires. Who says you need a diamond ring to make a statement when you can purchase a dazzling, long-lasting moissanite engagement ring for your spouse for a fraction of the price? It is high time you stepped up your game with this precious stone.

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