Moissanite Diamonds Are A Girls New Best Friend

Did you say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, here is the game-changer, moissanite has taken over a new best friend. Au revoir diamonds! A unique gemstone came to light in 1893. Henri Moissan, the 1906 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, discovered silicon carbide while examining rock samples in a cater resulting from a meteor impact Arizona. As a result of this mineral formation in an environment that holds traces of an extraterrestrial presence, most people assumed that moissanites are born from the stars.

Naturally occurring silicon carbides are present in unique rock formation (kimberlites) and are present in various locations around the world, including the Wyoming-situated Green River Formation. Their natural states do not make them ideal gemstones. These minerals would have to undergo a production process that will transform them into moissanite crystals - a solution only available to Cree, Inc. in the United States.

Why Moissanites?

Moissanite rings are gradually taking the place of diamond rings, due to its unique features. Taking a look at its qualities from a bird’s eye view, it is evident that both moissanites and diamonds share a lot of similarities, despite being different. Why opt for a diamond engagement ring that would cost you thousands of dollars when you can get a moissanite ring for way less amount with the same quality, beauty, and durability?

Many liken moissanite diamonds to “fake” diamonds or worse yet, Ring Pop candy ring. In actuality, your spouse may freak out to discover that you purchased a moissanite stone in place of a diamond ring. The use of diamond rings for proposals and weddings has always been a tradition passed down from one generation to another. Most people may see purchasing a moissanite ring as a taboo. However, moissanites are unique in their way, and their qualities (including rarity) make them valuable.

How Much Does An Average Moissanite Ring Cost?

If you are on a budget but still want to wow your significant other, then getting a moissanite wedding ring is the right call. You would spend a fraction of the cost of a diamond on sizing and quality. A one-carat GIA certified diamond would set you back $5,000, whereas moissanite with the same carat weight will only cost $650. The same applies to a three-carat oval diamond that sits above $30,000 and oval moissanite with the same quality that only costs $1,500.

You can save more money for other noble causes, like preparing for the wedding or starting a family. Moissanites are more alluring when they sit on a top-quality band, like gold.

Moissanite Color Range

Each carat weight comes with its color saturation, beginning with the Forever One Colorless. Moissanite in this color range (D-E-F) shares the same appearance with colorless diamonds. Next to it are moissanite gemstones that fall in the G-H-I color range - the Forever One Colorless; such gems have colors similar to diamond color payoff. The lowest on the scale is the Forever Classic moissanite, which comes with a yellowish hue color. Near Colorless portray more elegance and style, as it appears more realistic and similar to colorless diamonds. With the information in this guide, you can easily find the perfect engagement ring for your spouse.

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