The A-Z of Moissanites

Moissanites and diamonds share specific similarities and differences. One of the ways to identify the former is by its intense brilliance. But when it comes to toughness, both gemstones take it home. A diamond has a Mohs hardness scale rating of 10, with moissanite closely behind with a hardness rating of 9.5. This evaluation test makes both precious stones durable. You can use a moissanite ring for a lifetime without witnessing chips or cracks. Another factor that endears this naturally-occurring compound to many individuals is its cost-effectiveness.

Telling a Moissanite Ring and a Diamond Ring Apart

On the surface, a moissanite crystal and diamond appear the same. But when you take a closer look at them, it becomes evident that these two gemstones are different. For one, moissanite has a double-refraction property, whereas diamonds have single-refraction properties. A double-refractive jewel can bend the light coming in and reflect it in a broader spectrum of colours, also known as the rainbow effect. As a result, gemstones made of this compound (Silicon Carbide) sparkle more than diamonds.

Diamonds have always been an iconic symbol of love. Since its discovery, people from all walks of life have used and sold this valuable item, and even in relationships, couples propose and get married with diamond rings. However, the advent of moissanite has been a gamechanger for the jewel industry. More people gravitate towards using moissanite wedding and engagement rings.

Your Moissanite Jewel will Last You a Lifetime

Diamonds are forever, but some are moissanite gems. You do not have to empty your pockets or break the bank to purchase a breath-taking piece of jewellery. And when you have one, it can last you a lifetime. So, you do not have to worry about your precious stone getting damaged by a careless jeweller’s torch. It can withstand intense pressure. Another quality to note is that moissanite is heat-resistance. Hence, it does not lose colour or deform during exposure to intense heat, unlike rubies and emeralds.

Moissanite is not a diamond replica – there is no faking it. There are three categories to identify when selecting a gemstone. They include:

  • Naturally-mined diamond
  • Lab-grown diamond
  • Moissanite

Hence, moissanite is a unique gemstone in its right. The quality of this synthetic gemstone depends on the clarity, cut, and colour. With these requirements met, a moissanite crystal can produce maximum fire.

Ethics Count When Purchasing a Gemstone

You may have heard of blood diamonds before. These are gemstones mined under the violation of human rights, especially in Africa and South America. Countries where they originate experience ongoing civil unrest, terrorism, and other related vices. Additionally, miners work under terrible working conditions, with meagre pay checks to take home, for those who have one. As a result, individuals and international organizations frown on the sale of these gemstones.

If you are looking for an ethical alternative to diamonds, moissanite is the way to go , as it has no grisly history. You can select a moissanite gemstone of your choice based on cut, shape, and colour. Interestingly, the Forever Brilliant moissanite stone provides 100% transparency than its counterparts. This technology eliminates colour problems encountered with moissanite.

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