Making The Switch to Moissanite Stones

There are many different options available when it comes to the perfect engagement ring. Lab technology is constantly expanding, which means those looking for jewelry no longer have to subject themselves to the unethical diamond mining industry. You can choose diamonds that ate lab-produced, naturally mined, and Moissanite. Moissanite stones are beautiful gemstone with features very similar to diamonds.

Are Moissanite Stones Fake?

There are many individuals out there who think that Moissanite stones are another kind of diamond or even “knock off” diamonds. On the contrary, they are not the same or related in any way, even though they look very similar to one another. It’s common for spouses to have a sense of embarrassment when they discover their “diamond” was actually a Moissanite. This just goes to show how highly diamonds are sought after. If you look at all of its characteristics, it proves that Moissanites are much more superior to diamonds.

The Moissanite stone has a greater refractive index, making its brilliance twice what a diamonds would be. Furthermore, it ranks as a 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it a fantastic alternative to a diamond with a 10-point ranking. These precious minerals will last a lifetime, much like diamonds would at a fraction of the cost.

Why Are They So Unique?

Sure, diamonds and Moissanites appear very similar, almost the same actually, but they do have significant differences. The structure of a Moissanite’s crystal structure is very different from a diamond. “Birefringence” is the act of light traveling througha mineral and refracting. The Moissanite’s color used to be green or gray, but Charles & Colvard corrected this issue. The company then launched the ForeverBrilliant® line to fix it.

Are Moissanites Extraterrestrial?

Henri Moissan discovered the Moissanite mineral in 1893 after a meteor struck land in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. He thought that the minerals were diamonds but later identified them as silicon carbide in 1904. Some individuals believe that the Moissanite gemstone came from the stars. However, there are silicon carbide minerals located in other rock formations around the world in a natural state. Unfortunately, they won’t pass as gemstones because of their natural qualities. Cree Inc. is the only manufacturer of the crystalline form of silicon carbides in the world.

Moissanite stones, unlike their diamond counterparts, are ethically processed. Natural diamonds are harvested in Africa. They are found deep within the earth’s crust, on stream beds, or seabeds. There are many companies that will harvest these mineral stones by drilling deep into the ground or mining the stream bed deposits by hand. This is called alluvial mining and it’s performed by workers who are paid a very low wage for grueling work and treated very poorly. Not to mention, the heavy equipment used to mine diamonds causes irreversible damage to the environment. Human rights activists have continued to question the ethics behind diamond mining and once you consider this, you will see how valuable the Moissanite stone really is.

If you are somebody who doesn’t believe in the unethical mining process of diamonds, then the Mossanite is the perfect stone for you and your significant other. They cone in a variety of color schemes which includes a green color, which is very environmentally friendly.

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