Who needs diamonds when you can have moissanite?

Move over diamonds – the when it comes to lasting forever, moissanite is the new kid on the block! Although diamonds have been used for celebratory reasons and other auspicious events for years and years, moissanite is proving to be a very comparable, equally durable and much better priced option for those who would prefer an alternative option to the traditional diamond.

A chequered past

The main issue that many people have with diamonds, is that they come with quite a weighty history. From civil unrest, to underpaid minimum wage workers, corrupt political officials, rebellions and bribery, the associations around commercial diamond mining is far from positive. This has been a large motivator in the move away from diamonds that has been seen in the jewellery industry in recent years.

Replacing Diamonds with Moissanite

Given the information above, it is hardly surprising to see people moving away from diamonds in favour of something more environmentally and ethically sound. This is where the magic of the moissanite comes in. But what exactly is moissanite , if not a diamond, and not a knockoff either?

Back in the late 1800’s, Dr Henri Moissan, a French scientist, discovered the compound that we have, in its processed form, come to know as moissanite. Unprocessed, the compound, silicon carbide, is found naturally around the globe, although rarely. Luckily, it is very easily recreated in a laboratory, which not only makes it much cheaper on the scale of supply and demand, but also far lighter on the environment.

How to get the most out of your moissanite

A great stone is of very little use if it is not set is a great band! Yet another benefit of moissanite is that is very adaptable to most settings, and anything from yellow gold to rose gold, silver or platinum is an excellent base metal for a moissanite. Don’t forget to pay careful attention to the cut of your stone either – a moissanite is a brilliant stone with a lot of inherent fire, and the right cut can make this already spectacularly shiny stone come to life even more. Moissanites are double reflective , which means that they let out twice the amount of light they let in. In comparison, diamonds are only single refractive!

Buying your first moissanite

Regardless of what the intended purpose of the moissanite is, from engagements , weddings, anniversaries or even birthdays, it is crucial that you find the right stone for your purposes.

Whatever those may be, you can rest assured that your moissanite is an independent stone in its own right, and not just a cheap knockoff. A mere 0.5 points behind diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is equally durable and hardwearing as a diamond, and you can expect a similar performance from it in terms of everyday wear. They are ethically sound, politically clear and there is zero chance that you will ever be sold a blood moissanite, as they simply don’t exist.

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