Welcome to Moissanite the Gemstone for the All Seasons

Just when you thought diamonds are the only gemstone worth rocking to any special event, then boom! Moissanite hits you in the face. Of course, other precious jewels exist out there, including emerald and rubies. However, they aren’t close to sitting on par with diamonds. On the other hand, moissanite has several unique features that make it a worthy contender, even knocking out the long-reigning champ in specific areas. We will get into all that in this guide. And if you are wondering if a moissanite engagement ring or wedding ring is worth purchasing for your lover, kindly read on to discover the truth about these amazing budget-friendly precious stones.

Welcome to the World of Moissanites

In recent times, moissanite has gained a strong foothold in the jewel market, winning the hearts of several jewel lovers. You will find this jewel on special occasions, including engagements, weddings, coronations and even anniversaries. Couples care less about splashing hundreds of dollars or a thousand plus on moissanite engagement rings and wedding rings. Other accessories are not left behind as they spot the notable gemstone. Moissanites are great showstoppers, turning heads wherever you go. But what makes them so physically attractive?

Moissanite reflects a spectrum of light, 2.4 times more than diamonds. Yes, it is more brilliant and radiant than the latter. This optical feature stems from its double-refraction properties. It bends and splits incoming light rays into halves, giving more fire, also known as birefringence or rainbow effect. On the other hand, diamonds have single-refraction properties. Even though they are considered the birthstone for April, they don’t come close to moissanite in terms of brilliance and radiance . Surprising, huh? Let’s proceed further.

More Awaits You with Moissanites

Did you think that diamonds are the only toughest material on earth, with no contender? Let’s rewind. These gemstones occupy the top spot when it boils down to toughness, no doubt. They have a Mohs hardness rating of 10. However, that does not make moissanite way less tough . The naturally occurring Silicon Carbide (SiC) has a rating of 9.5. How close is that? You do not have to worry about your moissanite engagement ring or wedding ring breaking down or fading away after a couple of years or more. Maintaining this gemstone is a walk in the park. Clean it with warm soapy water and a soft towel, and voila! It is as neat as new. What other gemstone gives you such a valuable investment with less cost?

How About Pricing and Ethics?

Here is the final knock out that sends diamonds reeling into the distance – pricing. Moissanites cost a fraction of diamonds. Yes, you heard that right. You no longer have to break the bank or empty your life savings to get your lover that spectacular engagement ring. Own one with as little as $300. While a 1-carat GIA-certified diamond costs more than $4,000, you can get a moissanite equivalent for $599 or less. Why wait for a year to save up for a diamond engagement ring and go broke afterwards when you can purchase an alternative and have more money to undertake other projects, such as your wedding?

In comparison to traditionally mined diamonds, moissanite has no ethical baggage because it is lab-grown. You don't have to be concerned with acquiring blood diamonds. Moissanite is the go-to gemstone for ethically oriented jewel shoppers on any given day. So, don't waste any more time and get a piece of moissanite jewellery.

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