Popping the Question with A Moissanite Ring

Long before now, diamonds rule the world of engagements. This precious gemstone was the centre of excellence for any unique event, including engagements, weddings, and coronations. Purchasing it is no cheap talk. A one-carat diamond ring sits anywhere between $1,800 and $12,000. For some individuals, such costs exceed their budget size. In place of diamonds, moissanite provides jewel lovers with the same value and durability. And if that is not enough, the lab-grown precious stone exceeds the well-known classic diamond in brilliance and price.

Some individuals may argue that moissanite gemstones are diamond knock-offs, and may even compare it to the Ring Pop candy. Your spouse may freak out seeing a moissanite engagement ring. But here is the thing about Moissanites. They are unique jewels in their rights. Taking into account the highlights of its properties previously, these precious stones offer value for money. Best still, their ethical background places them above the traditionally mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

Still Not Convinced About Moissanites Being Real?

It is not uncommon to find some diamond purists talking down on other jewels, especially those similar to diamonds. Perhaps, you have a family member, friend, business colleague, or a neighbour that keeps belittling your decision to purchase a moissanite engagement or wedding ring for your spouse. There are thousand and one reasons this individual feels you should empty your life savings to get a $30,000 diamond ring. Worse still, you have no reason not to believe such a person. Here’s the gamechanger. And I hope they also come across this as well.

Let’s talk about its durability. Diamonds are forever; of course, you have heard this a thousand times and seen it on TV commercials and other media outlets. But guess what? They are not the only tough mineral on Earth, even though they have a Moh’s hardness rating of 10. Moissanites don’t pale in comparison to them, sitting at 9.5. As such, you can use your moissanite engagement ring for a lifetime, without worrying about scratches, chips, and cracks. Still not convinced? Let's proceed.

Moissanite Optical Properties

When placed side by side with a diamond, a moissanite gemstone produces a sparkling effect that is 2.4 times greater than its counterpart. In other words, the gemstone outshines its peer, so much that people tend to focus more on it. This optical feature stems from the gemstone physical properties. Moissanite has double-refraction qualities that allow it to bend and split light rays in half, creating more fire (birefringence) than single-refractive diamonds. So, your moissanite ring is not a diamond knock-off. In actuality, it beats your friend’s gemstone hands down in this area.

So, Should I Spend My Money on One?

At this point, you are thinking of hitting the jewel store tomorrow morning to purchase that moissanite engagement ring. But you still intend to check out some diamond rings while shopping – there is no harm in doing that. In truth, it gives you a vast range of options. While you are at it, consider other influential factors, like cost and ethics.

It is worth mentioning that Charles and Colvard have the exclusive rights to manufacture moissanite gemstones. They distribute them to other retailers across several parts in the U.S. Kindly keep an eye on jewel knock-offs while shopping.

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