Moissanite The Number One Choice of Jewellery

Moissanite has risen from being a naturally-occurring compound (Silicon Carbide), discovered by Henri Moissan in a meteor crash site, to becoming a number one jewel choice for jewel lovers. This precious stone comes with several qualities that sit on par with a diamond, even flooring the latter in specific areas. the first thing that draws your attention to the gemstone is its aesthetics. It is more brilliant and radiant than a diamond. Little wonder it is nicknamed a gemstone born from the stars, asides from its mysterious discovery. There is so much to discover in the world of moissanite, and this guide is your tour guide. So, who is up for an adventure? Let’s proceed.

Shine Bright Than A Diamond

Perhaps, we have all jammed to the famous Rihanna song – shine bright like a diamond. Of course, they do not shine, and they are not self-illuminating. They reflect light rays instead. But that aside, moissanite sparkles 2.4 times more than a diamond due to its double-refraction properties. When light rays enter the stone, they bend and split into halves, creating more spectrum of light, known as birefringence or rainbow effect. Your admirers tend to notice your moissanite jewellery faster than a diamond. And guess what? You can have it in any colour options, ranging from green to yellow, or even colourless. To get the best out of your shopping experience, select moissanite crystals that are more than 5mm.

How about strength? Undoubtedly, diamonds are the toughest minerals on earth. Nevertheless, moissanite does not pale in comparison to these classic jewels. While diamonds have a Mohs hardness scale rating of 10, moissanite comes close , sitting at 9.5. Hence, your moissanite earrings, necklaces, wedding ring, engagement ring, and other accessories can last you beyond a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about your gemstone fading over time or sustaining scratches, chips, or cracks. Even when handled by a careless jeweller, it remains intact.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Moissanite

Each moissanite gemstone has its unique optical result based on its cut. Perhaps you may not know this, but a gemstone’s cut plays an influential role in its aesthetics. It determines how brilliant or radiant the jewel becomes. A jeweller must cut the stone precisely to maximize the spectrum of light passing through it. A slight mistake in the cut can render a jewel full and lifeless. Fortunately, cutting moissanite is a walk in the park, thanks to the optimal fire it produces. Nevertheless, it should be clean and minimal to get the best result.

Any Other Thing Worth Noting?

Not all gemstones are produced or mined without inclusions. These elements affect the stone’s value and quality. The lesser the better. When shopping for an ideal gemstone for your engagement ring or wedding ring, consider the following factors – cut, clarity, carat weight, and colour. They determine the price of your jewel. But expect not to empty your life savings or break a bank to purchase a moissanite engagement ring for your spouse. You can own one for as little as $300. While a 1-carat GIA-certified diamond ring will set you back by at least $5,000, you only need about $450 to own a moissanite equivalent. Couples on a budget can opt for this jewel.

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