Moissanite The King of Jewels

Are you looking for the ideal gemstone to use for your spouse’s engagement ring or your wedding rings? Perhaps, several people have given you reasons to go with diamonds, but you don’t have thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a diamond engagement ring. Worse still, the wedding date is fast approaching and your spouse is already on your neck. Kindly pause, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and keep reading.

You don’t have to break the bank to purchase an ideal ring for your loved one. At the same time, emptying your life savings for a moment is not a smart move? Besides, what’s all that noise about diamonds when you could easily purchase a moissanite gemstone? Yes, it is possible. You could wow your spouse with a breath-taking one-carat moissanite wedding ring , spending only $300. How about value? Affordability does not imply triviality.

Introducing You to the World of Moissanites

As I stated before, moissanite being cheap does not mean that it is worthless. Some folks may call it a fake diamond, knock-off, or even a Ring Pop candy, based on its similarities to a diamond. Do they look alike? Of course, yes. Are they related? No. Moissanites and diamonds have distinct properties, including aesthetics. Speaking of that, moissanite radiates more light rays than diamonds. In actuality, its brilliance is 2.4 times more than that of the classic diamond, thanks to its double-refraction properties. It magnifies light exiting its component, creating a rainbow effect. On the other hand, diamonds are single-refractive, producing white light.

So, even though both gemstones look alike, they are in no way related to each other. Moissanite is a gem in its rights. It is not a diamond replica. So, when your colleague, friend or even a stranger on the subway tells you that moissanite gemstones are fake, you can enlighten them on its unique properties. But is that all there is to this precious mineral?

Diamonds Are Not the Only Tough Material Out There!

In today’s world, diamonds have several applications, including those that are outside the confines of luxury and aesthetics. In the industrial sector, this mineral plays an essential role in cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing materials. They are the toughest material on Earth, but not solely alone at the top. Moissanites come close to being on par with diamonds. They have a Mohs hardness scale rating of 9.5, which is .5 shy from going toe to toe with its counterpart.

For this reason, moissanite can withstand extreme weather conditions and damage, including heat and cracks. An average moissanite gemstone can last a lifetime, making them transferable from one generation to another. Moreover, you can select a vast range of colour options, cuts, clarity, and carat weights that aligns with your budget.

In Conclusion

If you are a jewel lover with a strong ethical viewpoint, moissanite engagement rings will be your preferred option , compared to diamonds. You don’t have to worry about running background checks before you purchase your engagement ring or necklace. Moissanites are lab-grown, which makes them affordable and free of negative connotations. Contrastingly, traditionally mined diamonds are expensive. Often, they tend to have suspicious or questionable manufacturing ethics. By purchasing a moissanite gemstone, you get value for your money.

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