Moissanite Stone Serving You for A Lifetime

For a long time, you’ve thought of diamonds to be the only gemstones to be reckoned with in the jewel world. Perhaps, your accessories are diamond-ladened or studded, including your engagement ring, wedding ring, necklaces, earrings, and wristwatches. But the diamond is not the only gemstone that provides luxury, aesthetics, and quality. It may surprise you to know that these qualities are available for a fraction of the price of your jewellery. Yes, you heard that right. Moissanites are top-quality gemstones that provide you value for your money. You may be new to these jewels. Nevertheless, this guide throws more light on these unique crystals.

Are Moissanites Diamond Stimulants?

Moissanites are similar to diamonds, so much that you need a jewellery expert and the right tools to tell them apart. However, this factor doesn’t make moissanite a diamond replica or knock-off. This gemstone is a jewel in its right. It has unique properties that differ from that of its counterpart. On the Brilliance Refractive Index, diamonds have a rating of 2.42, while moissanite gems sit between 2.65 to 2.69. What does this mean? Moissanites reflect more light rays than diamonds, up to 2.4 times more, making them the centre of attraction when exposed in a well-lit environment.

But that’s not all; moissanite has a fire dispersion rating of 0.104, compared to diamond which scores a rating of 0.044. Hence, even though both gemstones look similar, one is more brilliant than the other. Moissanites have high heat resistance. They can withstand extreme conditions, without scratches, chips, or cracks. Your moissanite engagement can serve you for a lifetime with the right setting.


What Makes Moissanite Cheaper Than Diamond?

Traditionally mined diamonds are expensive due to the mining and manufacturing process involved. However, the elephant in the room is the gemstone’s ethical production procedure, which often comes with lots of questionable thoughts. Jewel shoppers who consider this area a priority may avoid dealing with such gemstones to prevent purchasing a blood diamond. Contrastingly, moissanite jewels are lab-grown. As such, they are free of ethical baggage and are affordable. But that does not mean that they are worthless.

How durable are moissanite rings ? You may ask. On the Mohs hardness scale rating, these gemstones score 9.5, next to diamonds (10). They don’t pale in comparison to the classic, traditional crystals, and can last beyond a lifetime. Moissanites are extremely durable. Their signature rainbow aesthetics endears jewel lovers to them. To get optimum fire (birefringence) from your moissanite stone, your jeweller must be precise about its cut. Round-cut moissanite reflects the entire spectrum of their colour and brilliance.

How Much Can I Spend on A Moissanite Jewel?

Moissanites are far less expensive than diamonds. With less than $500, you can purchase a 1.5-carat moissanite gemstone, which otherwise may set you back over $10,000 if it were a diamond with the same specification. Specific qualities influence its price as well. For this reason, you have to find a balance when rating specs alongside your budget. Moissanite is an investment of a lifetime. It gives you the right value for your money.

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