Moissanite Gemstone Your Perfect Companion

Moissanite Gemstone Your Perfect Companion

Chances are that you have been taught throughout your life that diamonds are the be-all and end-all of stones, and as such, are the only possible option for an engagement ring if you ever decide to get married. But can we take a step back and soberly look at diamonds? They are expensive, destructive to the environment, and honestly, a bit predictable. If you are looking for a stone that makes a statement, doesn’t break the bank, has structural integrity and sparkles like nothing else ever has, why not consider a moissanite?

But Purchasing a Replica Diamond Sucks!

Here is the good news. You are in luck – this is the one thing that a diamond is not. In appearance, you will be forgiven for mistaking a moissanite for a diamond – with similar cutting properties, cut, colour and clarity aspects and exceptional brilliance, there are many aspects in common between the two stones. Due to this extreme visual similarity, many people can be forgiven for thinking it is a diamond replica. Unlike a diamond replica however, and more like a diamond itself, moissanites are resistant to chipping and cracking, and will be resistant to most activities you might put it through.

Understanding Lab-Grown Moissanites

Moissanites are technically all lab-generated! Although the mother compound, silicon carbide, is found abundantly in nature, certain scientific processes do need to occur in order for the silicon carbide to become usable as moissanite. Scientists grow large silicon carbide crystals in laboratories, from which the smaller moissanite gemstones are cut and processed. If you are new to the moissanite world , you will be surprised to learn how large the market for it is! Because moissanite carries a higher radiance than diamonds, people love them for their sparkle factor.

The fact that moissanite is double-refractive also means that it is capable of bending and refracting more light rays, leading to its signature rainbow glow, significant when compared to the white glow of a diamond. The cut of a stone can be designed to maximise its full shine and brilliance, known as the fire of the stone. Moissanite diamond rings tends to benefit from a round cut , and this brings out the entire spectrum of its colour and brilliance, as it allows more light rays to pass through and refract.

Will Investing in Moissanite Make Me Bankrupt?

Diamonds are known to be extortionately expensive, while moissanite comes as a far less steep price. Varying the size of the stone can also help you bring the overall cost down, while the buyer still benefits from investing in a virtually indestructible stone. Diamonds are known to be very expensive. However, moissanites can be bought at more affordable prices. Altering the size of the stone

If you have a larger budget to spend, you could consider buying a larger moissanite, as this stone gives you far more bang for your buck than a diamond. Where you might only be able to get a modest diamond for your budget, you can get a much larger moissanite for the same price! The ethical considerations around diamonds are also bypassed with the purchase of a moissanite, as there is no mining or environmental damage involved in producing the stones.

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