Meet Moissanite, Your New Companion

Meet Moissanite, Your New Companion

You’ve spent decades shopping for one diamond jewellery set or the other. Each time you come across a diamond-studded necklace or earring pairs, you feel this is the one, only for you to go window shopping in a couple of weeks. Each shopping spree takes lots of money from your account. Have you thought of taking a break for once and thinking of an alternative? Of course, sooner or later, some shiny stuff will hit the jewellery industry again, which you can’t wait to see and buy. If you are all about making the right fashion statement, then moissanite provides more than just that. It’s a companion that will stick with you for life, without losing its quality. Other jewels come and go, and soon you’ll be bored to rock them like before. However, moissanite gemstones are evergreen.

Are they Diamond Replicas?

When you examine a colourless moissanite gemstone, it looks almost like a diamond. In actuality, you may mistake for one. For this reason, some people assume the material to be a “knock-off” or fake diamond. But here are some facts: diamonds are not moissanite gems, vice versa. Moissanite is a unique gemstone that possesses its individual properties, including toughness, clarity, and colour. Having a moissanite crystal implies that you no longer have to worry about scratches, chips, and cracks. You can complete any rigorous task with your ring on and still have it intact.

Growing Moissanite in the Lab

In its raw state, moissanite forms a compound known as Silicon Carbide (SiC). This natural mineral is the second-toughest in the world, next to Diamonds. Scientists grow this substance in the lab into large crystals. Once done, they cut them into smaller moissanite gemstones. It is essential to state that there is a broad market demand for these crystals. Most people love them for their radiance, which is twice more than that of diamonds. Their “double refractive” properties make it possible to bend and divide light rays to produce a broader spectrum of light, known as the rainbow effect.

When optimizing the stone’s fire, a lapidary cuts the gemstone precisely; this brings out the full-colour spectrum and brilliance. Round-cut moissanite has the highest fire due to its intricate cut angles. Thus, it allows more light to pass through and then doubles these light rays.

How Much am I Likely to Spend on a Moissanite Ring?

Unlike diamonds that come with high prices, moissanite rings can meet different types of budgets . Moissanite stones are affordable, and they last long. Couples who want to spend hundreds of dollars to a couple of thousands can find any moissanite carat weight of choice instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a diamond ring. Also, there is less need to worry about such crystals’ ethical background, as their complete production process happens in the lab.

Size, cut, shape, clarity, and quality count when it comes to moissanite. You have to find the right band setting for your gemstone. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold ring bands complement most moissanite crystals and are durable to support them for a lifetime.

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