How to make the budget work with moissanite

How to make the budget work with moissanite

Has the time come to buy an engagement ring? Is that feeling of euphoria linked to the ever-gnawing awareness of a tight budget? Luckily for you, moissanite engagement rings are swiftly becoming the go-to jewel for anyone finding themselves in a similar position to yours. They are the perfect solution to finding a showstopper ring without going broke!

The origins of moissanite

Moissanite was discovered around the turn of the previous century, and is manufactured from a naturally-occurring compound, silicon carbide. Although the natural compound cannot be used as jewellery in its original form, a few simple laboratory processes take it from a raw compound to a sparkling jewel!

Charles and Colvard are the only company who owns the legal right to manufacture and distribute moissanite . If you are about to make a purchase of moissanite, and you are unable to trace it back to this company, the chances are fairly high that you are dealing with a fraudulent situation, or knock-offs.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, Moissanite scores a 9.5, compared to diamonds that weigh in at a 10. This means that you can wear your moissanite ring with the same confidence that you would have worn a diamond ring. They are tough enough to last a lifetime, and durable to graduate to the level of heirloom.

What else makes moissanite unique

To appreciate the true value of moissanite, it is vital that it be compared to diamonds, value by value. Moissanite should under no circumstances be mistaken for fake diamonds - they are a completely independent gemstone in their own right, and blow by blow, packs a similar punch to diamonds when it comes to durability, brilliance and shine, in spite of the fact that it will cost you a lot less than a diamond

A great setting will go a long way to display your stone to its full brilliance. The versatile nature of moissanite means that it will be equally suited to white, yellow or rose gold. It also happens to be heat-resistant, making it resistant to any form of damage that an inferior stone might have incurred while being worked with by a jeweller.

Moissanite - the new way to knock people’s socks off

Moissanites and diamonds reflect light differently, and the results might surprise you. Due to the fact that moissanite has double refractive properties, they appear much brighter than diamonds, as they are able to bend and return twice the amount of light that diamonds can. This results in far greater fire and sparkle in the individual stone.

Another factor that is unique to moissanite is its capacity to reflect light in an array of colours, creating a rainbow appearance. Appreciating this comes down to personal taste, many people are drawn to the vibrant display of colour that comes from a moissanite, as opposed to the white refraction that comes from a diamond. Although traditionalists will defend the classic appearance of a diamond, the undeniable sparkle, fire and glow of a moissanite makes a massive statement.

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