All You Should Know About Financing Your Engagement Ring

Several factors come into play when purchasing an engagement ring. You have to ensure that the diamond, setting, and cost meet your requirements. Additionally, you want an engagement ring that will last your partner a lifetime. In the words of Josh Marion, Ritani’s vice president, purchasing an engagement ring “is a decision on par with buying a car or a house – you can’t just jump into it.” This statement implies that you have to be patient, calculative, and decisive when shopping for the right engagement ring.

Factors Worth Considering

One factor you can’t ignore when shopping for an engagement ring is cost. You definitely want a piece of jewellery that meets your budget, whether you are purchasing a new ring or resetting an antique piece that has lasted generations. It is easy to get carried away by the plethora of advice out there, one of which includes purchasing a diamond engagement ring worth three months of your salary. You don’t have to stick to these rules as they are not irrelevant.

The most important thing is to do what makes you happy and what satisfies your budget. If you can afford a $30,000 ring, that’s fine. But if you can’t, get one that is within your means. You can always upgrade over time. And remember, you also have to plan for other items and events, like your wedding, especially if you and your partner intend to take your relationship to the next level.

Financing Your Engagement Ring

As discussed before, you should not spend way beyond your financial capacity to purchase an engagement ring. However, there are options to help you finance any engagement ring of your choice under specific conditions, including a credit facility. You can take a loan from your lender to purchase an engagement ring and then cover the cost over time; this can be spread across a period of one year to seven years.

But keep in mind that you have to be prompt on your payments. Don’t take a loan you can’t afford to pay back. Your lender will be in a better position to discuss your loan options. Overall, taking out a loan is an ideal way to finance your engagement ring and still have enough cash to make other necessary plans. Besides, you may come across an on-site retail jeweller with a loan option that meets your requirements.

Time to Make a Move

Sourcing for an engagement ring can be a thrilling moment. However, some individuals may be anxious or worried during a period as this. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic. There are several reputable jewellers out there ready to put you through on what to do to purchase the ideal engagement ring, including Ritani. You will learn how to select the right gemstone, setting, and carat weight based on several factors. Purchasing an engagement ring is no walk in the park. So, you should take it seriously, like you would with other valuable items. If done correctly, your engagement ring will offer you value for money over a lengthy period.

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