Why You Should Put A Ring On It With Moissanite

Have you ever taken moissanite and a diamond up close in your hands before? Do you notice the striking resemblance they both display? Yes, these two gemstones look alike. However, there are some key dissimilarities between them. Interestingly, the month of April has Diamond as its birthstone. But, who says you can always use a diamond? Moissanites are great alternatives, as they are rare and have their origin linked with a fallen meteor. Hence, they come with the phrase “gem born from the stars.” What makes these minerals appealing is their brilliance and durability. Do you know that you can use a moissanite engagement ring for a lifetime?

Moissanite Production Process

Color is a critical factor in grading moissanite. Nevertheless, its cutting style also plays an essential role in bringing out the radiance of this gemstone. Moissanites must be cut accurately into the desired shape, as they have unique optical properties. Round brilliant cut remains the most popular shape design in moissanite production; it offers versatility and optimizes the gemstone dispersion.

How To Tell A Quality Moissanite Gem

You can determine if a moissanite gemstone is valuable by exposing it to light. As this light travels through the material, it bends/disperses to form rainbow colors; however, if it leaves the mineral in a single ray, then the moissanite gemstone is useless. It is crucial to maintain a clean-cut all through due to the absence of fracture points.

Moissanites have a higher refractive index than diamonds; this means that they display a brilliance two-time more than diamonds. It efficiently retains the focal point of any event and remains impervious to scratches and cracks. You can purchase this several customizable color options, including colorless. Often, moissanites come in tints of green, brown, or yellow. Hence, you need to check out the product you intend to purchase thoroughly, to prevent getting a wrong color tint. Scouting around for colored moissanite may be difficult, but not impossible to achieve.

Getting The Best Deal Purchasing Moissanite

In terms of appearing and cut, moissanites takes it home, and to top it all off, the gemstones are available for a fraction of a diamond ring’s actual cost. If you have a tight budget, but still need to get a dazzling engagement ring, then look no further - cheap moissanite engagement rings are what you need. You can get a large Moissanite stone with a decent carat weight at a reputable jewelry store for the right amount. It is hard to come by natural moissanite. However, the lab-produced revolution has made it easy to grow and market synthetic moissanite gems for consumers.

Moissanites look appealing on any quality ring set, including tension setting and solitaire setting. They work best with platinum, titanium, and gold bands, including various color schemes like rose, yellow, and white gold. With these gems, you do not need extra protection, as they are durable to withstand damage. Although appearing traditional, moissanites have a trendy look and feel that appeal to contemporary couples. It is time to go shopping for that perfect moissanite ring for your spouse.

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