The Perfect Ring is a Moissanite Ring

Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend, Moissanite has taken that place Say goodbye to the diamond forever. In Arizona in1893, Henri Moissan discovered some silicon carbide while examining some samples of rocks found in a crater that came from a meteor impact. Additionally, he was a Nobel prize winner in 1906 for Chemistry. Everybody knows that Arizona is linked to extraterrestrial presences, so a lot of people associate the Moissanite stone with the stars.

Silicon carbides can be found naturally within certain rock formations in certain locations all across the globe, including the Green River Formation in Wyoming. However, their natural states don’t make them great gemstones. They would have to through a process that transforms them into a Moissanite crystal. The solution is exclusive to Cree, Inc. in the United States.

What Is The Cost of A Moissanite Ring?

If you need an engagement ring or a wedding ring on a budget, then look no further than the Moissanite ring. It’s a fraction of the cost of a diamond, including sizing and quality. You would spend $5,000 on a GIA certified diamond, but it would only cost you $650 for a Moissanite ring with the same carat weight. The same is true fr a three-carat oval diamond. One of those would set you back around $30,000, whereas the oval Moissanite would cost $1,500.

Why Is Moissanite The Best?

Due to its outstanding features, Moissanite stones have taken the place of diamonds. Diamonds and Moissanite share some of the same characteristics, despite being very different. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a diamond engagement or wedding ring when you can get a better quality Moissanite ring with more beauty and durability?

Some believe that a Moissanite stone is a fake diamond or something they call a “Ring Pop candy ring”. Your significant other may freak out over the fact that you bought them a Moissanite stone rather than a diamond ring. Diamond rings have always been a tradition passed down over the generations. Additionally, other people think Moissanite rings signify taboo. However, they are unique in their own way and they are valuable due to their qualities, such as rarity.

The Many Colors Of Moissanite Stones

Each carat weight has its own color saturation. It starts with Forever One Colorless. The Moissanite stones in the Forever One Colorless color saturation range from D, E, and F. It shares the same appearance as a colorless diamond. The Moissanite gemstones that have the G, H, and I Forever One Colorless color range have colors close to diamond colors. The Moissanite Forever Classic is the lowest on the scale with a yellowish hue to it. Colorless or near-colorless stones show more elegance and style since it appears to be more realistic and close to colorless diamonds. If you follow this guide, you won’t have an issue finding the perfect engagement ring for your spouse.

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