The Moissanite Rave – What Makes this Gemstone Special?

You may have heard of the name “moissanite” and attribute it to the dazzling gemstone. But do you know the story behind this jewel? Here is how it all began. Henri Moissan, the 1906 Prize winner in Chemistry, discovered Silicon Carbide (SiC) in a meteor crash site. The uniqueness of this discovery earned the gem the title, “a gemstone born from the stars.” Who wouldn’t want to rock a pendant or necklace with an extra-terrestrial origin? But, sorry to kill the vibes, moissanite forms naturally in several parts of the world, including the terrestrial rocks in Wyoming.

Here is a fact, moissanite gives an intense brightness that beats the diamond hands down. Surprising, right? This factor is as a result of its double-refraction properties. Its dispersion is 2.4 times more than diamonds, making it one of the focal points of luxury. When light passes through a moissanite gem, it bends and split into two, unlike its counterpart and produce single-refracted light.

Are Moissanites Fake Diamonds?

It is not uncommon to mind people asking this question from time to time. Diamond has a rich traditional history. Hence, most individuals purchase and use diamond-made accessories, whether it be the naturally-mined diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. However, moissanite gemstones are different. So, to clarify the question, they are not fake or counterfeit diamonds. There is no faking it. However, both crystals have similar qualities.

Diamonds have a Mohs hardness scale rating of 10, making it the most rigid material on earth. In contrast, moissanite gems have a rating of 9.5, which does not pale in comparison to the former and sends the likes of emeralds and sapphires spiralling into a black hole. If you compare both precious items side-by-side, moissanite tends to have the upper hand, as it has more than twice the fiery light reflection and still lasts as long as a diamond. And here is the finisher; moissanite gemstones are way less expensive than their counterpart.

Which Moissanite Gemstone is Ideal for Me?

One essential thing to note is that moissanite is not inferior to diamond or any other precious stone. Interestingly, this gemstone comes in various colour codes, which, in turn, determines its quality. High-quality options fall within the colour code D to F. they are some of the most beautiful jewels you will find in the world. However, if you want a warm texture and feel, semi-coloured moissanite stones provide the ideal alternative. But here is something you cannot miss; smaller gemstones tend to display more colour than their larger counterparts (those bigger than 5mm).

Purchasing My First Moissanite Gemstone

You do not need a diamond-studded accessory to look classy, especially if you are on a budget. You can get the same quality and appearance for a fraction of the actual price. Moissanite pendants, necklaces, earrings, engagement rings , and wedding rings, provide more brilliance and fire than their “cousins.” You can never go wrong with these jewels. For your wedding rings, you need the right ring band to match your moissanite stone – preferable a white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold band.

Additionally, round-cut moissanite gems produce the most fire. It is rare to come by natural moissanite; hence, scientists grow them in the lab into large crystals, before cutting them to tiny gemstones. One in several months, you may have to clean your moissanite jewellery with warm soapy water and a small brush to retain its ever-radiant appearance.

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