Most people are quick to hop on the phrase - diamonds are forever, as they perceive these gemstones to be highly valuable. Of course, having a diamond wedding ring would make any heart leap. However, only a very few are familiar with the gruesome tale that surrounds these precious stones. On the other hand, moissanite has a fascinating history you will find interesting. These 120-year-plus stones share similarities with diamonds when it comes to brilliance and durability. In fact, some would rate it above its cousins, as it is scarce and has a higher refractive index, indicating its great sparkling qualities.

Why Should I Consider Moissanite?

Here is an interesting fact: moissanite has an origin linked to outer space. It is named after its founder - Henri Moissan - who found particles of this stone in Arizona, in a crater formed by an extraterrestrial meteorite. So, you may as well be wearing a moissanite ring born from the stars. Beyond its origin, this gemstone overshadows diamonds in terms of its upsides. To begin with, you do not have to worry about purchasing a precious jewel with a history of bloodshed and bloodshed.

Blood diamonds have been at the forefront of most armed insurgencies in several countries, especially in Africa. A majority of these third world countries lack enough resources. Hence, they force their citizens to mine diamonds, offering them meagre wages. These diamonds help fund several brutal wars in Africa. Conflict-free diamonds are expensive as well. What better alternative to consider than Moissanite? Besides, it is less costly and sparkles more than its counterpart.

What Makes Moissanite Rings Way Cooler?

Are you thinking of the ideal ring for your significant order? Then, you should consider moissanite diamond rings as they are breath-taking to behold. Your ring speaks more class and luxury when its design aligns with the stone’s carat weight. These gemstones sit perfectly on any high-quality band, whether it be titanium, gold, or platinum. In actuality, Moissanites are highly refractive, meaning that they refract fiery, brilliant colours when placed in the direction of light. Hence, they quickly catch anyone’s eye.

Do you want your moissanite ring bearing similar appearance with a diamond? Round moissanites are the ideal match, as they easily take on the shape and dimension (millimetre size) of a real diamond at any carat weight. In other words, a 7.55mm round moissanite shares the same equivalence with 1.50 carat round cut diamond. The same thing applies to an 8mm round moissanite and a 2 carat round diamond; however, the former produces more brilliance.

Getting A Big Moisannite Ring Exceeds My Financial Budget - Anyway Out?

You do not necessarily have to scout around for large moissanite selections as the smaller gemstones are great as well. They offer more affordability. What you need is the right setting on a quality piece of metal, and viola! Your moissanite ring will still look charming - all thanks to its brilliance. You do not have to fork out your entire life savings on getting a gigantic wedding ring or engagement ring. Besides, you also enjoy the same quality and durability a diamond ring provides, and even more.


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